Ali and Manuel, two longstanding friends who lived in Dubai, decided to go on a spiritual journey to Bali in April 2016. Disenchanted with the monotony of the concrete jungle and caught up in the materiality of their existence, the boys searched for a new energy and outlook on life.


Bali was a life-changing experience – with a magical aura and overwhelming message of peace, wellbeing and love.  On their travels, they were introduced to a family in Ubud who created local handicrafts from coconut husks. The head of the family, Putu, explained that once the oil, water and flesh had been harvested, the leftover coconut shells would be burnt as a source of fuel – which posed as a significant hazard to the communities, animals and environment alike. The family’s humble and welcoming nature inspired the boys to help them build a house, and beyond that, provide a sustainable source of income that would help the family for years to come. Bali Bowls was born. 


Ali and Manuel evolved the idea into a healthy bowl food concept which embraced elements of ayurveda and veganism using the freshest produce available. They constructed a menu that was designed to nourish and nurture both body and soul, based on a series of smoothie, vegan and protein bowls as well as other healthy treats.


Having evolved their concept they introduced Bali Bowls to their friend and entrepreneur Khalid, who was instantly drawn into the vision and jumped on board. Together with Bali's 'man about town' Rodrigo COrdero and Dubai's hottest Gym BARE, the team have embarked on the journey of a lifetime.